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make your work a vessel for a more just world
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It’s not enough to know what you’re against.

To create a more sustainable, just and free world, we must expand our capacities to live our visions now and inspire others to do the same.

What does this look like for you?

Let’s find out!

Coaching with me includes three main objectives:

  1. to uncover, develop and articulate your vision for yourself, your community and/or our world
  2. to build the skills, capacities and systems required for you to live your vision
  3. to explore your relationship with power and embrace your unique way of leading

This is for you if you are…

  • grieving for, angry or worried about the state of the world and the future of humanity and our planet and devoted to using your gifts, skills, experiences, resources to help the world
  • holding a vision for change in your communities, organization, school, business and/or the world and feeling excited/nervous/stuck about how to make that vision reality
  • turned off by the models of leadership you’ve experienced or learned about and you want to explore another way
  • concerned about showing up and doing your work in inclusive, accessible and liberatory ways and you want support and accountability around making that happen.
  • struggling with taking care of yourself or getting nourished while showing up for the work you do and the people you serve
  • willing to risk getting messy, making mistakes and challenging yourself to grow 

When you work with me, I will:

  • Listen deeply and guide you back to your own wisdom (your answers are the best answers)
  • Hold you as capable of every goal, dream and vision that you are carrying within you
  • Support you to uproot the false beliefs and ideas that are getting in the way of what you want
  • Offer my perspective and insight based on my own personal journey and 10 years of coaching experience
  • Ask you questions that will challenge and inspire you to become the version of yourself you always knew you could be

To get started working with me, book a Vision call below. In this complimentary, 30-min call, we’ll dig into what you want to create in your life, your communities and our world, define what it’ll take to bring those visions to life and explore if working together might be a fit.

The investment for private coaching and consulting with me starts at $1000/month or $12k/year and generally includes 3 hours of coaching each month as well as virtual support between sessions (this can be customized to your unique needs).

Hi! I’m Andréa – singer, writer, speaker + teacher.

For most of my life, I’ve been living in the question: “How can I live, work and relate in a way that supports and contributes to positive social change?

Finding my answers to this question has been my life’s journey and I love partnering with others who are also living in this question and supporting them in finding their own answers.

I’ve always had an inner knowing that we have what we need to create a world where we can thrive together – where our humanity is honored, our differences are embraced, our fundamental human needs are met and our planet is well.

Unfortunately, this is not the current state of our world. AND we’re each responsible for what we decide to do with the realities we’ve inherited from our ancestors. The way I see it, we have much work to do.

For my part, I am devoted to inspiring my community to address our world’s greatest challenges from the inside out. This offering is a part of my contribution. Should you decide to coach with me, I hope that this will be a catalyst, a challenge, and a comfort to and for you, as you engage in making your own contribution.