1: Alchemy as Resilience with Ifasina Tha Hood AlKemist

Jul 5, 2017

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There is no one else I’d rather have as the first guest on this show!

In her own words, Ifasina Tha Hood AlKemist is a big bodied, black, dyke, femme, here to get and give life. She’s a spiritual + body positive coach, a community educator, an energy healer as well as an ordained interfaith minister and she currently a Self Determination coach at Young Women’s Freedom Center – an organization in California that works to empower young women who have been involved with the juvenile justice systems or the underground street economy.


“…being able to live life under my values and under my communities values without the imposition of external cultures and values on me or my community.”


“You are conditioned, when you’re in prison, to not express when you’re displeased – when you don’t like something. And I think that that’s not the only place that this happens in the world. If you have intersecting oppressions in your identity (black, queer, fat, woman) you can pile that on. So there are ways that I used to watch my body change and move differently – what my internal dialogue was in this space versus what it might be in a different space and I began to do the work of making sure that it didn’t change so much depending on where I’m at. Because to me, that’s liberation – that I get to walk around like I’m free.”


Use these to journal, meditate, start conversations, etc.

  • What kind of roles are you expected to perform because of who you are and your identities?
  • How do those roles change as you enter different spaces or engage with different people?
  • Underneath these roles, who are you really?
  • Where or with whom do you feel you can be the most yourself? why?