Hey! I’m Andréa.

I’m a teacher, coach, facilitator + writer.

I am deeply committed to supporting you in making your unique impact in your life + the communities you call home.

Much of my life has been about two questions: “Why is the world the way it is?” and “How can I grow/heal?” In my pursuit to answer these questions, I’ve come to another question: “How can I live, work and grow in a way that supports and contributes to social change?”

Finding my own answers to these questions has become my life’s journey and I lovelovelove partnering with others who are also in these questions to support them in finding their own answers. When it comes to oppression and injustice on all levels, there is so much work to do and I believe we each hold some very important roles in deconstructing and transforming the reality we’ve inherited.

What are yours?

One thing I know for sure is that everything is connected. So working together might look like: clarifying your vision for change, diving deep into unlearning mistaken beliefs you hold about your social identities (the privileged and marginalized ones), cultivating emotional resilience, aligning your online presence with your heart and vision, defining boundaries for your time and energy or jumpstarting the project you’ve been sitting on that could radically shift some things for you and your communities. It all matters and makes a difference.

All that you have been, are and will be is wrapped up into your impact and this is a space for you to expand your capacity to show up with integrity, own your power, get free and create the change you wish to see in your world.

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My work is rooted in:

Love, justice, grief, rage and a vision for liberation.

I feel most lead by:

My heart (because it always knows). All of the women in my ancestry (because they kept going). Audre Lorde (because I continue to discover so much about myself through her work). Beyoncé (because of her level of intention and excellence in her work).  Jenn McCabe (because owning what I feel, think, do and envision has always been a pathway to freedom for me). The Relational Uprising (because our world needs more connection, storytelling and empathy). The Movement for Black Lives (because, be cause).

I’m currently focusing on:

Leading and facilitating courses and programs for people who hav a visions for change in the world and want to show up with integrity, own their power and practice radical service. Interested? Check it out here.

Integrating into “adult” life after graduating from undergrad in 2016 and wrapping up my thesis project on the connections between personal growth work, conscious business and social justice/collective liberation work (basically what I talk about here)!

Creating videos and sharing my process on Youtube. Working on growing my audience there. Check it out and subscribe here!

Building community in person and online. Because relationships are everything.

Hosting my podcast, A Call to Serve. Go give it a listen!

Serving. Filling my cup. Serving. Filling my cup. Serving. Filling my cup. Serving.

Booking speaking engagements and facilitating workshops. (Interested in what that might look like for your podcast, organization or college? Send me a note at the bottom of this page!)

Unlearning the ways of being that do not serve me and becoming more of who I’ve always been.

Following my desires. Acknowledging my joy. Steeping myself in pleasure.

Some little details:

  • I’m a Leo sun, Pisces rising and Libra moon.
  • In Human Design, I’m a Projector w/ a 6/2 profile.
  • I’m half introvert, half extrovert (INFJ/ENFJ).
  • I looooove:
    • sunrises/sunsets
    • Moroccan mint tea
    • elephants (omg)
    • did I already mention Beyoncé?
    • silliness + sassiness
    • singing my heart out
  • I will always say yes to mac + cheese.


Welcome to this space. i’m so happy you’re here! go ahead & get comfy.

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