IBT Details

Here’s the details:


In this business game, we are constantly talking about impact, making a difference, changing the world, etc. but we rarely talk about what. it. takes. to make that happen as well as the responsibilities that come along with showing up as a leader (+ asking people to follow you).

We see what’s up in the world – the pain, the oppression, the struggles that our communities are going through and we recognize that we have something that might help so we start a business or an organization to help us get it to the people. But we assume that, because we’ve touched lives, we’ve gotten the job done.

Here’s the thing: most business practices are exclusive. The culture(s) that we’re swimming in make it so that our marketing practices, the ways we do sales, the ways we create and administer services/products/events, how we hold space, the ways we practice business in general are inherently exclusive rather than inclusive unless we consistently make the choice to do something different. This is an opportunity make that choice .


Together (and individually) we’ll be taking a deep dive into the 3 Core Elements that you must get clear on and intentional about if you want to cultivate a business that’s inclusive.

  • Your Self // who you are as a human, first and foremost, and as a leader. Your values, your commitments, you needs, your social and political positioning.

  • Your Community // narrowing in on who all is a part of the communities you’re serving, what are they experiencing on a personal, cultural and systemic level that might lead them to you.

  • Your Work // unpacking your offerings, your brand, your marketing and sales, your money and your impact and getting curious about whether these are in integrity with your community and your self.

Whew! Sound like a lot to go over in one day? It is and this isn’t the kind of work that gets resolved (ever, but especially not) in a day, but if you show up ready to do the work, you will leave with clear and practical next steps to move your business toward deeper and more direct impact.

There will also be an opportunity for you to get more support through a Group Integration Call via Zoom two weeks after the training!

When + where?

Sunday, November 11, 2018

9:30am to 5:30pm

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

*Can’t make it to this one? Scroll down to find out about future workshops.


$197 or $397 or $597

Let me explain… you choose the cost (based on what’s right for you, your integrity and your resources).

$197 pays for the basic material costs of attending this training – the space, snacks + drinks, your workbook, etc.

$397 pays for all of the above + the time, energy and labor that my team and I are putting in to make this a transformative experience.

$597 pays for all of the above and allows more space within my business to be able offer trust-based sliding scales like this one.

Two-part payment plans are available, at request, for each of these price points. Send a note to [email protected] with the subject “IBT: LA Payment Plan” and my assistant, Ashley, will get you set up.


Tell me what you need from me, as the facilitator, or the venue to support you in showing up for this. Send me a note at [email protected] and I’ll let you know what I can do. Here’s what I know up front:

  • The venue is wheelchair accessible.

  • There will be snacks, coffee and tea! Lunch will be on your own – bring your own (there’s a refrigerator + microwave) or get something from nearby!

  • I am not the kind of facilitator that holds you hostage, there will be plenty of opportunities to take a break but if you need to take a personal breather, you absolutely can!