One on One Coaching


You’ve done a ton of work toward being the change,

but you don’t know how to make change happen.

(Or you do, but you’re just not taking action and you don’t know why.)

let’s discover the way together.

There are two ways for us to work together one on one:


Integrity & inclusivity Audit

First, you’ll fill out an in-depth reflection form clarifying the present state of your leadership + business. In that form, I’ll also prompt you to share any links that’ll give me insight into your online presence as well as any questions, concerns or requests for feedback that you want to address during our time together.

Within the next week, I will take some time to read over your reflection form and take a deep dive into your website, social media and any other content you give me access to.* You’ll then receive a 30-40min customized, private video from me that’s packed with feedback (as well reflection prompts)* offering opportunities for you to be more clear, minimize harm, live your values and serve your community in a way that is sustainable, effective and liberatory.

After you’ve watched the video and taken some time to integrate the feedback, we’ll hop on a follow up call (via Zoom) for about 60-90min to unpack anything that has been unearthed for you and make and document a strategic plan that answers the question: “what now?”

When you decide to jump into this offering, we’ll schedule a time to get together for 15 minutes so that we can connect + you can get any questions you have about this process answered.

INVESTMENT: $500 (or two monthly payments of $275)

*This pricing has limits on the amount of content I’m able to audit. If you think it would take me more than 60-90min to consume the content, materials or project you want audited, please get in touch for a custom quote.

I have a very limited amount of space available per year for this offering due to the level of attention and energy I put into this, so get in on this quickly!

*Take what resonates and serves you and leave the rest. I am not all-knowing, what I have to offer you is my anti-oppression and inclusivity lens (which is ever-growing and limited by nature), my brain for marketing/communication, and lots of questions.

**If video/audio is inaccessible for you, let me know and we’ll make whatever changes are necessary for you to get the most out of this experience.


Ongoing private coaching/support

As your coach, our time together will be grounded in three pillars of liberatory leadership which focus on your relationship with your self, how you’re relating to your community and showing up for the work that’s yours to do in the world.

Our sessions are customized based on who you are, what you’re navigating + what you envision.

Together, we might:

  • identify and transform the restricting and oppressive beliefs you have about yourself and others

  • create or grow a project, initiative, community and/or business that makes change happen

  • discover strategies for your to cultivate the kind of relationships you’ve always wanted

  • experiment with tools that revolutionize how you relate to your emotions and your body

  • integrate your values into every aspect of your life and work

  • gather the most nourishing self-care practices for yourself and put them into motion

  • learn how to be an effective community builder and get others on board with your vision

  • vent about the current issues in our world and what you can do about it

  • uncover how you wish to reflect yourself online or in person

  • liberate the hidden parts of yourself that you’ve learned to deny

  • take action. take action. take action.

Throughout all of this, I’ll be holding space for you to expand, contract, make mistakes, learn, grow and lead.

This is what leading the change can look like.


IF YOU DECIDE to jump in, here’s how it will work:

We’ll start out with something similar to Illuminate (detailed above) – I’ll do an audit on your business and online presence and our first session will be focused on unpacking what comes from that.

Two weeks later, we’ll have our second session which will be a two-hour Visioning Session to get wildly clear on your vision (for your life and communities), set intentions and build out a customized structure for our work together in our ongoing private coaching sessions.

This all sounds very serious, and while this is real work, working together can also look like: deep belly laughs while crying, new realizations, lots of notes, truths bombs and more.

After our first two foundational session we’ll move into our regular monthly programming – two 60-90min coaching sessions each month focused on whatever’s up for you in the moment (and of course referencing the vision you created for yourself for guidance).

I recommend that we work together for a minimum of 3 months in order for you to get the most value possible out of our time together! I work with most of my clients for 6 months or more on average.

During our ongoing sessions, you’ll also receive:

  • Access to the Coaching as Activism Collective (including all modules, community calls, FB group)

  • Bi-weekly challenges and experiential assignments in support of your vision and leadership (remember when I mentioned action?)

  • Fierce and loving accountability (aka if you tell me what you want, I will hold you to it)

  • Email support and coaching from me in between sessions

  • Private, confidential recordings of each session (if you want them)

All of our sessions take place via Zoom so that we can visually connect.

The investment for private coaching is $800/month.

*Accessibility is important to me. If this payment structure isn’t possible for you, but you’d love to work together, send me an email at [email protected] and we’ll talk.


Are you interested? Apply to work with me below.

*Accessibility is important to me. If this payment structure isn’t possible for you, but you’d love to work together, let me know in your application and we’ll chat.